Church Family,

    I hope this email finds you well as we prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Your staff met today, and we have prayerfully considered how to proceed with the rise of COVID in our county and in our congregation.  We have determined that we will be suspending all Wednesday night activities, Sunday night activities, and Sunday morning Bible Fellowship Groups/Sunday School until after the first of the year.  It is our hope that we can resume these gatherings Wednesday January 6th and Sunday January 10th.

    Regarding corporate worship on Sunday mornings, we have decided that we will continue holding corporate worship for those who feel comfortable attending in person.  This Sunday you will notice additional distancing measures in our sanctuary such as increased rows marked with an “X” to create even more space for us to worship safely.  All of our increased cleaning protocols are remaining in place.  For those who are at greater risk due to age, if you have underlying health conditions, or if you are ill, we are encouraging you to attend our services via livestream.  There should be no shame or guilt for practicing what you feel is the safest way for you and your family to worship in these unprecedented times.  When you feel ready, we will be excited to have you join us again in person.  

    We are well aware this is a difficult time for many, and have not arrived at these decisions lightly. Our church is a family, and it is frustrating not to experience the fellowship we have together in Christ.  However, we also know that the keys to navigating difficult times are flexibility, patience, and a rock-solid trust in our sovereign Lord.  We can still utilize our creativity to connect with others.  Go old-school and write someone a card.  Be tech savvy and send a text to someone just to check on them.  We also encourage phone-calls and emails.  All we are asking from our church family is that we continue to love God, love our neighbors, and strive to engage with people as safely as you can.  Please join us in praying for our church, the lost and dying in our world, and for a swift end to this pandemic.  May God bless you, and may we all remember why we can be thankful during this season.  “Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever!” ~ Psalm 107:1 ESV

In Christ,

Pastor Kirby