Bible Fellowship Groups
Our Bible Fellowship Groups do life together. They care after one another and always there for each other through the good and bad. We desire for these groups to enrich everyone who is apart of them, and that everyone in the group would get to grow with one another and grow personally in their walks with our Lord. We have Bible Fellowship Groups for all ages. If you want to get plugged in to a group or have a question Contact us through phone call or email, which are both on our contact page.
Meets in the Children’s Building
Bed Babies
Toddlers-3 years
Pre-K and Kindergarten
First and Second Grade Guys
First and Second Grade Girls
Third-Fifth Grade Guys
Third-Fifth Grade Girls
Meets in the Youth Building
Sixth-Twelfth Grade Girls
Sixth-Twelfth Grade Guys
Meets in the Main and Middle Building
Adult I: College and Career
Next Step Class
Adult II: Young Adult Co-Ed
Adult III: Middle Adult Co-Ed
Adult IV: Ladies Joy Class
Adult V: Ladies Faith Class
Ladies Faithful Class
Ladies Rebekah Class
Men Eagles Class
Co-Ed Berean Class
Adult VI: Men Kings Class