Mount Olive Baptist Church
Sunday, April 26, 2015

Several of the church members of Mount Olive Baptist Church traveled to assist churches in the Gulf States after Hurricane Katrina and Rita as part of the North American Mission Board's endeavor to assist churches in these disaster states. Recently, the church linked our efforts with the Mississippi Baptist Association and have traveled to Gulfport, Mississippi to help in a variety of ways.
A letter from Jim Futral (Executive Director - Treasurer of the Mississippi Baptist Convention Board)

To the wonderful people of Mount Olive Baptist Church,
We here in Mississippi, along with people all across the Gulf Coast Region, are coming up on the second anniversary of the arrival of a catastrophic storm named Katrina. Katrina came upon the shore of the Mississippi Gulf Coast two years ago, but in reality, she has not left. Rarely is there a day when Katrina and her aftermath are not front-page news, and she is always present in the lives of the folks across South Mississippi.

All of that said, I want you to know how much we appreciate all of the marvelous things you have done over these months to make a difference in people's lives and for the Lord. The people from your church and the wonderful people across the Southern Baptist Convention have cared, come, contributed, cried and celebrated with us every day along the way. Bless your sweet hearts, you have made a difference. Because of your love and partnership, families have been sustained, souls have been saved, churches have been rescued from the brink of disaster, and our Lord Jesus has been honored.

Frequently, in what seems like a daily occurrence, someone will ask me if things are back to normal on the coast. I am still somewhat shocked by the question. I am compelled to respond, "No, and it probably will never be back to normal as we once knew it. The good news is we are making progress. These are days that the sun is shining, optimism seems to come as a ray of light, and we all have a moment of refreshment as we realize that Jesus Christ is still Lord."

Your partnership and all that you have done, said, and brought has continued to be a great reservoir of God's grace touching lives all across the southern part of our state. It is just two small words, but one more time permit me to say from the depths of my heart and speaking for thousands of others, "THANK YOU AND MY GOD RICHLY, ABUNDANTLY, AND GLORIOUSLY BLESS YOU."