Mount Olive Baptist Church
Wednesday, November 25, 2015

"Teach be be do what is good...these are the things you should teach
." Titus 2

There are three ways to participate in the mentor program:
1. By prayer - It is best to have a prayer partner for each family member and student.

2. By provisions - Some students do not have the financial resources to participate in special activities or to have the necessary supplies. Your monetary gift would go a long way in providing for them.
3. By presence - Caring, loving adults are needed to spend time with elementary students, K-5th grade, each week. Reading books, playing games, talking and even eating lunch are a few of the activities you will participate in as a mentor.
1. How much time do I need to commit? You may spend as much time as you have, as long as you are consistent. Most mentors spend one hour per week. Thirty mi
nutes would probably be the least amount of time recommended.

2. Where do we spend our time with the children? There are many places around the school where you could spend time with your child: the library, cafeteria, hallway, outside, etc. Any place you can find a quiet spot to share special time together is fine.

3. Can I just be a prayer partner? Yes. We need plenty of pray for the students, their families, and the staff.

4. Can I work with more than one child? You are welcome to work with more than one child at different times. We do limit the mentor experience to a one-on-one relationship. The children that will be involved in the mentor program are in need of individualized attention.

5. How will I know what to do? An introductory meeting will be held the first of September where you will be given pointers and information on your child. .