Mount Olive
Sunday, February 18, 2018
Mount Olive Baptist Church welcomes and provides for the special needs of people with disabilities.
The purpose of our Special Friends Sunday School class at Mount Olive Baptist Church is to ensure that all people, regardless of abilities, have equal opportunity to respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ and to worship God within a community of believers.

The reason for the existence of this class is that, although one out of every five persons in our community has a disability, only a few of them are involved in a church. We, as a church, believe that it is important to provide programs and physical facilities that promote equal opportunity for all persons to participate fully, as active members in giving, as well as in receiving, within a spiritual community. When we make the gospel available to ALL people, we help fulfill the Divine Commission.

The Special Friends Sunday School class is open to the entire community.

  • Provide accessible facilities, environments and activities for persons with vision and hearing impairments. 
  • Provide Biblical teaching and worship experiences for persons with disabilities of all ages
  • Provide practical support to individuals, families, and care givers to empower them to participate as active, full, and contributing members of the congregation.