Mount Olive
Sunday, February 18, 2018

How to Join Our Church

At the close of each worship service, we offer an invitation for acceptance of Christ, for membership, or for any renewed dedication to God which one may desire to make.

Members are received as follows:
     1. As a candidate for believer's baptism ---upon                Profession of Faith.
     2. By transfer of letter from a sister Baptist church.
     3. By statement of past membership in a church of      like faith and practice.

New members will be given the opportunity to express interest in any specific area of leadership for which they have previously served. Those new members with no training or experience will have opportunity to express their interest in preparing for a specific place of service. 

Some people feel that denominations are constrictive, and that when you identify with other churches, you suffer compromise. Southern Baptists are sympathetic to these concerns and they firmly hold to the principle of church autonomy and self-rule. The Southern Baptist Convention does not ordain ministers, assign staff to churches, levy contributions to denominational causes, dictate literature and calendar, or assign persons to churches according to place of residence.

Denominations give churches a way to collectively express their convictions and realize their vision. In such a free land as ours, it is natural that churches would take the opportunity to identify with like-minded churches. Denominations allow churches to be a part of a larger enterprise, pooling their resources to establish and advance the Great Commission. A denomination can have an impact larger than the sum of the impacts of the individual churches.