Mount Olive
Sunday, February 18, 2018

Life is Better in Community

Small Group Bible Study is the core of Mount Olive. Our groups are based off the community of the early Church found in Acts 2:44-47.

  • We seek to give each member 10-12 people they can rely on for love and encouragement seven days a week
  • Joining a group allows you to have a small community of people you study God's Word, pray, fellowship and do life with
  • Each group has the same purpose of "Making Disciples by Doing Life Together," but each group differs in the methods they operate in order to best meet the group's needs 


 Interested in joining a Small Group Bible Study?

  Find the group that is right for you below:  

Group                                             Ages

Kaley's (Teen Girls)                    6th-12th
Reid's (Teen Guys)                     6th-12th
College/Young Adults 18-25      18-25
Kirk's                                           25-50
Wilson's                                       25-50
Reed's                                         30-55
Ammon's                                     30-55
Agape Group                               55-70
Joy Group (Ladies)                       55-70
Faith Group (Ladies)                    55-70
Faithful Group (Ladies)                60-80
Rebekah Group (Ladies)               75+
Eagles Group (Mens)                    55-70
Berean Group                               60-80
Dorcas Group                               75+
King's Men (Mens)                       75+



If you are interested in joining a Small Group Bible Study, please contact the Church office: 865-577-5559 or just show up this Sunday and we will get you plugged in!